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ForumDigital – OBJECTIVE

Digitalisation is a transformative change that affects both the economy and society. Forum Digital cooperation aims to demonstrate the commitment of the signatories to make Vas County and Szombathely a winner of this process.

At the same time, Forum Digital is an open initiative for all actors who, in agreement with the objectives, want and can do so.

The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a catalyst for transformation processes and is also of major importance at European and national level. Signatories undertake to do their utmost to ensure that the Digital Innovation Centre established by PBN in Vas County, Szombathely, operates in a qualitative, accessible and direct way for businesses and social actors alike.

A network of Digital Innovation Hubs is a strategic tool for achieving Europe’s digitisation objectives. Forum Digital aims to be linked to this European initiative.

The Digital Innovation Hub, established through the co-signatory PBN, acts as a one-stop-shop service provider through the use of digitalisation technologies to increase the competitiveness of business processes, products and services of businesses and the wider ecosystem (population, learners, other organisations).At the same time, it provides access to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology on its own fleet, providing training, development and testing environments.

The partners shall draw up and implement a joint programme and action plan, subject to the availability of resources.

Partners and their brief description

Szombathely County Municipality

The strategic objective of the Municipality of Szombathely is to use the opportunities offered by digitalisation as a competitive advantage, both in the areas of urban population services, business competitiveness and training. Where it has resources for practical implementation, it shall mobilise them by special decision within a complex programme and shall allocate them in part to the objectives of cooperation.

County Council

The VAS County Council intends to carry out digitalisation improvements throughout the county, with an increased focus on the 2021-2027 budget period. Undertakes, through the connection system and competences at its disposal, to contribute to the development of the Cooperation Programme, while ensuring that the territorial impact is widened beyond the city border, and to facilitate its inclusion in programming documents.

Pannon Business Network Association

In the first region of Hungary and Western Transdanubia, PBN is the only Digital Innovation Hub accredited by the European Commission. PBN has its own assets, a national business customer base, a medium-sized manufacturing hub and trained staff. It has already successfully developed collaborations with foreign Digital Innovation Hubs through its international network and contributes to the transfer of knowledge to the members of the Cooperation in turn turning this into local value.

More on the Programme

Digitalisation, including the development of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, High Computing Performance Systems and Digital Skills, is a top priority for the 2021-2027 EU budget period.

The members of the Cooperation shall undertake to hold regular consultations at least twice a year in order to achieve the objective of the Cooperation. In order to achieve the stated objective, a programme and action plan will be prepared by Cooperation, possibly in the form of projects.

The programme will set out activities for the period up to 2027..

They shall cooperate in the preparation and submission of proposals in the light of the final form of the proposals relevant to the projects.

The PBN is responsible for the implementation of the Cooperation Programme among its members.

It has the responsibility to draw up the programme proposal and to submit it to its members and revise it, if necessary, with a view to its adoption by consensus. The PBN shall not be entitled to remuneration from the members for the performance of the task.

Support the objective of cooperation

The partnership aims to involve additional actors from among the territorially relevant actors for the whole ecosystem.

The new partners will be able to express their partnership in the form of a statement of support.

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